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HAN Charles C.

HAN, Charles C. 

Ph.D., Professor


1974, Physical Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Ph.D.

1969, Physical Chemistry, University of Houston, M.S.

1966, Chemical Engineering, National Taipei University, B.S.


2002-present, Joint Lab of Polymer Science and Materials, ICCAS, present Director and Chief Scientist

1999–2002, Multiphase materials Group, National Institute of Standards & Technology, Group Leader

1995–2002, National Institute of Standards & Technology, Fellow

1974–2002, National Institute of Standards & Technology, Research Scientist

1985–1995, Polymer Blends Group,Institute of Standards & Technology, Group Leader

1985-1989, VAMAS POLYBLENDS, U.S. Representative

1983, Kyoto University, Visiting Professor


Application of light scattering, dynamic light scattering, forced Rayleigh light scattering, small angle neutron scattering and small angle X-ray scattering in polymer ;

Experimental statistical physics of macromolecules;

Polymer dynamics in dilute, semidilute and concentrated solutions;

Molecular conformation, domain structures and order-disorder transition of block copolymers;

Equilibrium phase behavior and kinetics of spinodal decomposition of polymer mixtures ;

Photo-chromic and photo-bleachable dye labeled polymeric systems and its application in diffusion and optical recording ;

Morphology and property control of polymer blends/alloys and block copolymers in bulk and in thin film;

Shear dependence of the static and kinetic phase behavior of polymer mixtures and its application in processing;

Phase separation and crystallization of polyolefin blends and the in-reactor alloying process.


American Chemical Society, Member

American Physical Society, Member

Sigma Xi, Member

American Physical Society, Fellow

Royal Society of Chemistry, Fellow

Neutron Scattering Society of America, Fellow

Div of Polymer Sci & Eng, American Chemical Society, Fellow

2009-present, GKSS Helmholtz Society, Germany, Member of Review Committee

2008-present, Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Member of Review Committee

2008-present, Beijing Institute of Technology, Guest Professor

2008–2010, Materials Research Society, Member of Board Directors

2006–present, Progress in Polymer Science, Editorial Board Member

2006-present, Qingdao Technological University, Guest Professor

2006-present, Tsinghua University, Professor

2006-present, Zhejiang University, Guest Professor

2006–2009, Macromolecule, Board member

2005–Present, Macromolecular Research, Editorial Board Member

2004–present, Editor of the Journal of Polymer, in charge of all Asian papers

2004-present, Sichuang University, Guest Professor

2003-present, Peking University, Guest Professor

1999-present, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, Visiting Professor

1999-2002, University of Connecticut, Guest Professor

1996–1998, Journal of Chemical Physics, Editorial Board Member

1996 December, Materials Research Society, Boston, MA, Program Chair

1996 November, AIChE, Chicago, Program Chair

1995–2002, Polymer, Editorial Board Member

1995 October, The Intersociety Polymer Conference, Baltimore, MD, Program Chair

1994–1995, American Physical Society, Division of High Polymer Physics, Program Chair

1993–2010, Journal of Polymer Science, Polymer Physics, Editorial Advisory Board Member

1993–1994, Polymer Physics Gordon Research Conference, Chair

1992, ACS PMSE Symposium on Scattering from Polymers, Chair

1987, ACS Polymer Chemistry Symposium on Polymer Dynamics, Chair

1983, Kyoto University, Visiting Professor


2011, International Award of the Society of Polymers, Japan

1999, High Polymer Physics Prize, American Physical Society, Division of High Polymer Physics;

1995, NIST, Humboldt Senior Research Award from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany

1990, Samuel Wesley Stratton Award for Best Research

1986, Gold Medal of U.S. Department of Commerce

1984, Dillon Medal of American Physical Society

1982, Silver Medal of U.S. Department of Commerce

1980, Bronze Medal of U.S. Department of Commerce

1965, University Award of National Taiwan University


Over 400 academic papers and 26 patents (in America and China)