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Prof. Ye Zhou Published a Perspective Paper in Science

Post Date:2020-05-18 | Counts:

Prof. Ye Zhou publish a perspective paper in Science recently, the title is Room-temperature magnetoelastic coupling.

Ferromagnetism, records of which date back to the 6th century BCE, is regarded as an ancient twin of ferroelectricity, which was not discovered until 1920. Ferromagnets, which have permanent magnetic moments, and ferroelectrics, which have a spontaneous electric polarization, both have domain structures and a Curie temperature, above which materials lose their ferroic orders. Magnetoelectric coupling describes the multiferroic response of the magnetization to the electric field and the polarization to the magnetic field in the same material (see the figure). Long et al. report magnetoelectric coupling in paramagnetic molecular ferroelectrics at room temperature, in which the responses to the magnetic field and the modifications of the ferroelectricity have the same chemical origin in a chemical complex.

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