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Prof. Ye Zhou Published a Review Paper in Chemical Reviews

Post Date:2020-05-26 | Counts:

Recently, Prof. Ye Zhou published a review paper in Chemical Reviews, the title is Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Memories and Neuromorphic Computing Systems.

The continued growth in the demand of data storage and processing has spurred the development of high-performance storage technologies and brain-inspired neuromorphic hardware. Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) offer an appealing option for these applications since they combine excellent electronic/optical properties and structural stability and can address the requirements of low-cost, large-area, and solution-based manufactured technologies. Here, Ye Zhou's group focuses on the development of nonvolatile memories and neuromorphic computing systems based on QD thin-film solids. They introduce the recent advances of QDs and highlight their unique electrical and optical features for designing future electronic devices. They also discuss the advantageous traits of QDs for novel and optimized memory techniques in both conventional flash memories and emerging memristors. Then, they review recent advances in QD-based neuromorphic devices from artificial synapses to light-sensory synaptic platforms. Finally, they highlight major challenges for commercial translation and consider future directions for the postsilicon era.

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