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Postdoctoral Recruitment Guide of Shenzhen University Scientific Research Station

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Postdoctoral scientific research station (hereinafter referred to as the station) is organized to recruit postdoctoral researchers within a first-level discipline of an university or research institute. Shenzhen University has the first-level discipline to confer doctoral degrees and has the right to recruit and train postdoctoral researchers.

1. Applicant Qualification
1) Applicants aged under 35 receive a Ph. D degree no more than 3 years and have a stong ability in English (or pass the defense of doctoral dissertations, but applicants in overseas should obtain obtain a degree certificate, including Hong Kong and Macao).
2) Have strong scientific research ability.
3) Applicants who have achieved significant research results will be given priority.
4) Full-time post-doctoral research. In-service personnel shall not apply, including on-the-job off).
5) Applicants cannot apply for their postdoctoral research work in a mobile station in the same level of their Ph.D.

2. Qualification of Cooperative Supervisor
1) Teachers of Sciences should preside research projects at national level, and teachers of humanities and social sciences have to preside research projects at the provincial level or above.
2) Qualification of doctoral supervisor or senior professional technical occupation.
3) Ability to provide no less than 2,000 yuan (Sciences) or 1,000 yuan (Arts) per month as research allowance for postdoctors.

3. Application Time
Eligible applicants would be accepted at any time.

4.Basic Requirement of Postdoctor's Assessment
1) Complete the research sunjects;
2) Postdoctors of naatural sciences should publish 4 papers in core periodicals as the first author, or 2 articles in the JCR2 of the Academy of Sciences, or 1 articles in the JCR1 of the Academy of Sciences. Postdoctors of the humanities and social sciences should 4 papers in core periodicals as the first author, or 2 authoritative journal articles, or 1 top journal article.

5. Procedure of Postdoctoral Station
1) After the examination and approval of the supervisor, the cooperative supervisor and the head of the college will sign the Assessment Feedback Form of the Academic Department of the Post- Doctoral Research Station and then the Station will issue the pre admission notice.
2) After the Station, Postdoctor Management Services Office will submit the application materials of approved by the school leaders to Guangdong Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Approved post-doctors will be notified by Postdoctor Management Services Office.
3) After registration, archival filing formalities should be processed at Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, which would be necessary for household relocation and application for assessment subsidy.
4) After archival filing formalities, household relocation procedure should be based on Guide for Residence Permit.

Contact Information
Postdoctor Management Services Office, Shenzhen University (Tel:0755-26717347, Teacher Ma)
Postdoctoral Station of Optical engineering (Tel:0755-26651342, Teacher Wu)
Postdoctoral Station of Information and Communication Engineering (Tel:0755-26732043, Teacher Huang)
Postdoctoral Station of Theoretical Economics (Tel:0755-26558693, Teacher Chen)
High-tech work Substation, Shenzhen University (Department of Science and Technology)(Tel: 0755-26532350, Teacher Li)