College Introduction

The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) has been established at Shenzhen University to provide both undergraduate and postgraduate education, focusing on interdisciplinary teaching and research. As a special platform at Shenzhen University, IAS seeks to


Yani Chen


Ph.D,Research assistant

Tel: +86 0755-26539281




2012.11-.2016.02  PhD,NEEL institute/CNRS, France

2009.09-2012.08   Master,Physic department, Shanghai University

2003.09-2007.07   Bachelor,Applied physics department, Zhengzhou university


Working experience

2019.11-now Research assistant,IAS, Shenzhen University

2016.11-2019.10  Postdoc, IAS, Shenzhen University


Research Interests

Two dimensional materials (graphene, MoS2, GdTe3…), carbon nanotube, electron-phonon coupling



[12] Yani Chen, Peipei Wang, Minghui Wu, Jinlong Ma, Shihao Wen, Xuefeng Wu, Gaomin Li, Yue Zhao, Kedong Wang, Liyuan Zhang, Li Huang, Wu Li, Mingyuan Huang, Raman spectra and dimensional effect on the charge density wave transition in GdTe3, Applied Physics Letters, 115 (15), 151905, 2019. (Q1, IF:3.521)

[11] Yani Chen, Laëtitia Marty, Nedjma Bendiab. A new light on moleculenanotube hybrids, Advanced Materials, DOI:10.1002/adma.201902917, 2019.(Q1, IF:25.809)

[10] Yani Chen, Jinlong Ma, Shihao Wen, Wu Li. Body-centered-cubic structure and weak anharmonic phonon scattering in tungsten, npj Computational Materials, 5 (1), 1-6, 2019. (Q1, IF:9.2)

[9] Yani Chen, Jinlong Ma, Wu Li. Understanding the thermal conductivity and Lorentz number in tungsten from first principles, Physical Review B (Rapid Communication), 99(2),020305, 2019.(Q2, IF:3.736)

[8] Jinlong Ma, Yani Chen, Wu Li. Intrinsic phonon-limited charge carrier mobilities in thermoelectric SnSe, Physical Review B, 97(20), 205207, 2018. (Q2, IF:3.736)

[7] Yani Chen, Guy Royal, Emmanuel Flahaut, Saioa Cobo, Vincent Bouchiat, Laëtitia Marty, Nedjma Bendiab, Light Control of Charge Transfer and Excitonic Transitions in a Carbon Nanotube/Porphyrin Hybrid. Advanced Materials, 29, 1605745, 2017. (Q1, IF:25.809)

[6] Jinlong Ma, Yani Chen, Zheng Han, Wu Li. Strong anisotropic thermal conductivity of monolayer WTe2, 2D Mater., 3, 045010, 2016.(Q1, IF:7.343)

[5] Arun S. Nissimagoudar, Jinlong Ma, Yani Chen, and Wu Li. Thermal transport in monolayer InSe, J. Phys.:Condens. Matter, 29, 335702, 2017.(Q2, IF:2.711)

[4] Wei Lai Liu, Mao Lin Chen, Xiao Xi Li, Sudipta Dubey, Ting Xiong, Zhi Ming Dai, Jun Yin, Wan Lin Guo, Jin Long Ma, Yani Chen, Jun Tan, Da Li, Zhen Hua Wang, Wu Li, Vincent Bouchiat, Dong Ming Sun, Zheng Han, Zhi Dong Zhang. Effect of aging-induced disorder on the quantum transport properties of few-layer WTe2, 2D Materials., 4(1), 011011, 2016. (Q1, IF:7.343)

[3]Liang Fang, Chen Zhao, Yani Chen, Leimei Sheng, Kang An, Liming Yu, Wei Ren, and Xinluo Zhao, Single-chirality separation of ultra-thin semiconducting arc discharge single-walled carbon nanotubes. CARBON, 91, 408-415, 2015.(Q1, IF:7.466)

[2] Bingqing Yuan, Liming Yu, Leimei Sheng, Kang An, Yani Chen, and Xinluo Zhao, Graphene sheets/polyaniline composite for electromagnetic interference shielding. Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica, 30, 22-26, 2013. (EI)

[1] Yani Chen, Hongbin Zhao, Leimei Sheng, Liming Yu, Kang An, Jiaqiang Xu, Yoshinori Ando and Xinluo Zhao, Mass-production of highly-crystalline few-layer graphene sheets by arc discharge in various H2-inert gas mixtures. Chemical Physics Letters, 538, 72–76, 2012.( Q2, IF:1.901)


Attended conferences:

Chinese Physical Society 2017 Fall Conference , September 2017, Chengdu, China.

Oral presentation: Carbon nanotube-molecule hybrid optoelectronic devices

GDR-I GNT 2015, December 2015, Aussois, France

Oral presentation: Double wall carbon nanotube hybrids for optoelectronics

NT15 , July 2015, Nagoya, Japan

Poster: Transistors based on double wall carbon nanotube hybrids for optoelectronics

Graphene 2015, March 2015, Bilbao, Spain

Oral Presentation: Optical gating of chromopore-graphene and/or nanotube transistors.

Graphene in Grenoble workshop, November 2014, Grenoble, France

Poster: Light induced charge transfer in porphyrin coated double wall carbon nantoube field effect transistors

GDR-I GNT 2014 , September 2014, Strasbourg, France

Poster: Light induced charge transfer in porphyrin coated double wall carbon nantoube field effect transistors

Cargèse international school , Frontier Research in Graphene-based Systems, April 2014 Cargèse, France

Poster: Light induced charge transfer in chromophore coated double wall carbon nantoubes

The 6th International Conference on the Physical Properties and Application of Advanced Materials (ICPMAT2011), October 2011, Shanghai, China

Oral Presentation: Mass-production of High-crystalline Graphene Sheets by Arc discharge for Lithium Ion Battery Electrode

2011 Shanghai International Nanotechnology Cooperation Syposium , October 2011, Shanghai, China

Oral Presentation: Mass-production of High-crystalline Graphene Sheets by Arc Discharge for Lithium Ion Battery Electrode and Fuel Cell Electrode

Chinese Physical Society 2011 Fall Conference, September 2011, Hangzhou, China.

Poster: Synthesis and purification of small diameter single walled carbon nanotubes

CARBON2011, July 2011, Shanghai, China

Oral Presentation: High-crstalline graphene sheets produced by H2-Ar arc discharge

Poster: Surface-enhanced Raman Spectra of Individual Multi-walled carbon Nanotube