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Wu Li

Ph.D., Associate Professor (tenured)


Address:Room 341, Administration Building, Shenzhen University, Nanhai Avenue 3688, Nanshan District, 518060 Shenzhen, China



2011 PhD in physics, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

12/2008-11/2010 visiting PhD student, Institute of Materials Science, TU Dresden / International Max Planck Research School for “Dynamical Processes in Atoms, Molecules and Solids”, Dresden, Germany

2006 BSc in physics, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, China


Professional Experience

02/2015-12/2015 Researcher, Laboratory for Innovation in New Energy Technologies and Nanometerials (LITEN), CEA, Grenoble, France

09/2013-01/2015 Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow / Experienced Researcher, Scientific Computing & Modelling NV, Amsterdam, Netherlands

09/2011-08/2013 Postdoctoral Engineer, Laboratory for Innovation in New Energy Technologies and Nanometerials (LITEN), CEA, Grenoble, France


Research areas:

Theoretical especially computational research on electrical, thermal and thermoelectric transport, low dimensional materials, thermoelectric materials, topological materials, electron-phonon coupling, phonon physics, spectra (Raman, optical absorption...) simulation, etc.


Student supersivion:

Fanchen Meng, PhD student, co-supervised with Prof. Jian HE,Clemson University, USA, 12/2016-present

Yuhao FU, PhD student, co-supervised with Prof. Lijun ZHANG,Jilin University, China, 09/2014-02/2016

Jinlong MA, PhD student, co-supervised with Prof. Xiaobing LUO,Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China, 09/2013-05/2016


Postdoc supersivion:

Jinlong MA, PhD from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China 06/2016-05/2018 currently AP at HUST

Zahid RASHID, PhD from Utrecht University, the Netherlands 09/2016-11/2018

Arun NISSIMAGOUDAR, PhD from Karnatak University, India 09/2016-11/2018 currently postdoc at UNIST

Yani CHEN, PhD from Joseph Fourier University, France 10/2016-09/2019 currently research assistant professor

Ashis Kundu, PhD from IIT Guwahati, 03/2019-present

Xiaolong Yang, PhD from Xi’an Jiaotong University, 07/2019-present

Zhichao Liu, PhD from Xi’an Jiaotong University, 09/2019-present

Songsong Sun, PhD from Southwest Jiaotong University, 11/2019-10/2020


Peer-reviewed publications:

(* denotes corresponding author)

(For citation statistics, see

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Book chapters:

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