College Introduction

The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) has been established at Shenzhen University to provide both undergraduate and postgraduate education, focusing on interdisciplinary teaching and research. As a special platform at Shenzhen University, IAS seeks to


Siya Huang

Ph.D.,Assistant Professor


Address:Room 721-1, IAS Building, Southern Campus, Shenzhen University, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 518060



2014, Tsinghua University, Materials Science & Engineering,Ph.D.

2009,University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB),Materials Science & Engineering,B.E.


Working Experience:

2017.10—2019.12, Research Assistant Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology

2014.09—2017.09, Postdoctoral fellow, University of Houston & TcSUH


Academic Affiliations:

Youth committee member of Advanced Ceramics Division of the Chinese Ceramic Society

Reviewer of Adv. Mater. Technol., Mater. Today Phys., etc.



2018 Shenzhen Oversea High-Caliber Personnel (Level C)

2014 First Prize of Best Doctoral Thesis, Tsinghua University

2014 Outstanding Postgraduate, Tsinghua University

2010-2013 First Prize DuPont Scholarship, First Prize Mesolight Scholarship, Mitsubishi Scholarship  

2009 Outstanding Graduate, USTB

2009 First Prize in SRT Program, USTB

2006-2008 Excellent Merit Student, USTB (twice); National Scholarship (twice); Xiangtan Iron&Steel Scholarship

2007 First Prize of NECCS


Research Interests:

Inorganic nanomaterials, nanodevices and nanosensors (FETs, photosensors, gas sensors, etc.), nanomechanics, soft matter (gels, liquid crystals, elastomers), stretchable transparent electrodes, wearable flexible sensors


Selected Publications:

[1] Huang, S.,† Liu, Y.,† Zhao, Y., Ren, Z., and Guo, C. F. Flexible electronics: stretchable electrodes and their future. Advanced Functional Materials 2018, 29(6), 1805924. (IF=15.621)

[2] Huang, S., Tang, L., Salehi Najafabadi, H., Chen, S. and Ren, Z. A highly flexible semi-tubular carbon film for stable lithium metal anodes in high-performance batteries. Nano Energy 2017, 38, 504-509. (IF=15.548)

[3] Huang, S.,† Liu, Y.,† Guo, C. F., and Ren, Z. A highly stretchable and fatigue-free transparent electrode based on an in-plane buckled Au nanotrough network. Advanced Electronic Materials 2017, 3(3). (IF=6.312)

[4] Huang, S., Guo, C.F., Zhang, X., Pan, W., Luo, X., Zhao, C., Gong, J., Li, X., Ren, Z. and Wu, H. (2015). Buckled tin oxide nanobelt webs as highly stretchable and transparent photosensors. Small 2015, 11(42), 5712-5718. (IF=10.856)

[5] Huang, S., Wu, H., Zhou, M., Zhao, C., Yu, Z., Ruan, Z. and Pan, W. A flexible and transparent ceramic nanobelt network for soft electronics. NPG Asia Materials 2014, 6(2), e86. (IF=8.052)

[6] Huang, S., Wu, H., Matsubara, K., Cheng, J. and Pan, W. Facile assembly of n-SnO2 nanobelts–p-NiO heterojunctions with enhanced ultraviolet photoresponse. Chemical Communications 2014, 50(22), 2847-2850. (IF=6.164)

[7] Matsubara, K.,† Huang, S.,† Iwamoto, M. and Pan, W. Enhanced conductivity and gating effect of p-type Li-doped NiO nanowires. Nanoscale 2014, 6(2), 688-692. (IF=6.970)

[8] Huang, S., Matsubara, K., Cheng, J., Li, H. and Pan, W. Highly enhanced ultraviolet photosensitivity and recovery speed in electrospun Ni-doped SnO2 nanobelts. Applied Physics Letters 2013, 103(14), 141108. (IF=3.521)

[9] Huang, S., Ou, G., Cheng, J., Li, H. and Pan, W. Ultrasensitive visible light photoresponse and electrical transportation properties of nonstoichiometric indium oxide nanowire arrays by electrospinning. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2013, 1(39), 6463-6470. (IF=6.641)

[10] Huang, S., Hu, Y. and Pan, W. Relationship between the structure and hydrophobic performance of Ni–TiO2 nanocomposite coatings by electrodeposition. Surface and Coatings Technology 2011, 205(13), 3872-3876. (IF=3.192)

[11] Qiu, Z., Wan, Y., Zhou, W., Yang, J., Yang, J., Huang, J., Zhang, J., Liu, Q., Huang, S., Bai, N., Wu, Z., Hong, W., Wang, H., Guo, C. F. Ionic Skin with Biomimetic Dielectric Layer Templated from Calathea Zebrine Leaf. Advanced Functional Materials 2018, 28(37), 1802343.

[12] Wan, Y., Qiu, Z., Huang, J., Yang, J., Wang, Q., Lu, P., Yang, J., Zhang, J., Huang, S., Wu, Z., Guo, C. F. Natural Plant Materials as Dielectric Layer for Highly Sensitive Flexible Electronic Skin. Small 2018, 14(35), 1801657.

[13] Liu, Y., Zhang, J., Gao, H., Wang, Y., Liu, Q., Huang, S., Guo, C., and Ren, Z. Capillary-Force-Induced Cold Welding in Silver-Nanowire-Based Flexible Transparent Electrodes. Nano Letters 2017, 17(2): 1090-1096.

[14] Li, G., Wu, L., Li, K.F., Chen, S., Schlickriede, C., Xu, Z., Huang, S., Li, W., Liu, Y., Pun, E.Y. and Zentgraf, T. Nonlinear Metasurface for Simultaneous Control of Spin and Orbital Angular Momentum in Second Harmonic Generation. Nano Letters 2017, 17(12): 7974-7979.

[15] Liu, Y., Guo, C., Huang, S., Sun, T., Wang, Y. and Ren, Z. A new method for fabricating ultrathin metal films as scratch-resistant flexible transparent electrodes. Journal of Materiomics 2015, 1(1): 52-59.

[16] Li, H., Pan, W., Zhang, W., Huang, S. and Wu, H. TiN Nanofibers: A New Material with High Conductivity and Transmittance for Transparent Conductive Electrodes. Advanced Functional Materials 2013, 23, 209.


Conferences & Presentations:

2019.06, The 5th International Symposium of Flexible and Stretchable Electronics: “Skin-Electrode Interface for Epidermal Tactile Sensing”, Shenzhen, China

2019.01, Asian Conference on Engineering and Natural Sciences: “A Flexible Ceramic Tactile Sensor for Ultrasensitive Wearables”, Hokkaido, Japan

2018.08, International Symposium on Advanced Energy and Information Materials: “Omnidirectionally Stretchable and Transparent Electrodes for Skin-like Sensors”, Shenzhen, China

2018.06, The 4th International Symposium of Flexible and Stretchable Electronics: “Ultra-Stretchable and Fatigue-Free Transparent Electrodes for Imperceptible Epidermal Electronics”, Wuhan, China