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Fude Liu




Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University, December 2006 (degree granted in May 2007). Master minor in solid-state devices (interdisciplinary); Overall GPA: 3.9/4.0.

M.S. in Ceramic Engineering, Rutgers University-New Brunswick, December 2003.

M.Phil. in Materials Science, South China University of Technology, May 2000.

B.S. in Inorganic Materials Science, South China University of Technology, July 1997.


Working Experience:

2015-2019: CTO, Guangzhou Daopulse Energy Co. Ltd.

2009-2015: Assistant Professor/PhD supervisor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

2007-2009: Postdoctoral Researcher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, Colorado.


Honors and Awards:

Shenzhen Oversea High-Level Talents-B,2019

National Expert (Young Talent Program), 2014

Certificate of Appreciation for being a Track Organizer “Photovoltaics” at the (6th and 7th) International Conference on Energy Sustainability, 2012-2013.

Engineering Overseas Visitor Programme Fellowship (EOVPF), The University of Hong Kong (2011 July).

Travel Award for the American Physical Society (APS) Workshop on Energy, New Orleans (March, 2008)

Fellowship, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ (2001)


Research Interests:

Renewable energy technologies: Solar photovoltaics, solid-state lighting, wind power, bioenergy

Energy storage: Batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, photoelectrochemical (PEC) cells

Quantum mechanics and solid-state devices: Si/Ge, CdTe, CIGS, III-V (III-nitrides, GaAs, InP, GaP, et al.), ZnO, low-bandgap quantum dots, high- gate oxides, spintronics

Energy chips: SiC/GaN based power electronics


Academic Affiliations:

•Review Editor: Frontiers in Fuel Cells, Frontiers Editorial Office, EPFL - Innovation Square, Building I, CH – 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland.

•Editorial board member: Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, ISSN1934-8975, Illinois, USA.

•Editorial board member: Journal of Solar Energy Research Updates, Avanti Publishers.

•Conference organizer:  New Devices for Energy Conversion and Storage, Hong Kong SAR, China, October 2015.

•Sub-area chair: 8.1: Defects in Photovoltaic Materials and Solar Cells, 40th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC-40), Denver, Colorado, June 2014.

•Conference track organizer:  (1) A2. Solar Energy Materials, IUMRS-ICAM2013 International Conference on Advanced Materials, Qingdao, Shandong, September 2013. (2) Track 1-13 Photovoltaics, ASME 2013 Energy Sustainability Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 2013. (3) Track 1-11 Photovoltaics, ASME 2012 Energy Sustainability Conference, San Diego, California, July 2012. (4) Track 1-11 Photovoltaics, ASME 2011 Energy Sustainability Conference, Washington D.C., August 2011.

•Journal reviewer: 1) Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 2) Journal of Applied Physics, 3) Thin Solid Films, 4) Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 5) International Journal of Energy Research, 6) Materials Letters, 7) Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, and 8) Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects.

•Conference paper reviewer: 1) 2012 Energy Sustainability Conference, 2) 2011 Energy Sustainability Conference, 3) ASME 2010 4th International Conference on Energy Sustainability, 4) Materials Science & Technology 2008 Conference and Exhibition, 5) 2008 18th Workshop on Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells & Modules: Materials and Processes, and 6) 2007 17th Workshop on Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells & Modules: Materials and Processes.


Academic Achievements:

50+ publications on prestigious journals (such as Advanced Materials, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, and Applied Physics Letters), one book, and 60+ patents.

30+ invited talks in academia and multiple times in organizing/chairing international energy conferences.


Selected Publications(* corresponding author):

1)Guandong Yang, Fude Liu*, Lei Wang, Wentao Wang, C.-S. Jiang and M.M. Al-Jassim, Selective Deposition of Nanocrystalline Carbon Films on GaN Diodes with Photocatalytic Reactions, CrystEngComm 16, 10097 (2014).

2)Lei Wang, Fude Liu*, Wentao Wang, Guandong Yang, Zhuangchun Wu and Michael K.H. Leung, A high-capacity dual-electrolyte aluminum/air electrochemical cell, RSC Advances 4, 30857 (2014).

3)Huidan Zeng*, Qi Jiang, Zhao Liu, Jing Ren, Guorong Chen, Fude Liu*, Jianrong Qiu, Unique Sodium Phosphosilicate Glasses Designed Through Extended Topological Constraint Theory, J. Phys. Chem. B 118, 5177 (2014).

4)Fude Liu*, Wentao Wang, Lei Wang, and Guandong Yang, Ferroelectric-semiconductor photovoltaics: Non PN junction solar cells, Applied Physics Letters 104, 103907 (2014).

5)Wentao Wang, Fude Liu*, Lei Wang, Guandong Yang, and Zhigang Li, Field-effect BaTiO3-Si solar cells, Applied Physics Letters 104, 123901 (2014).

6)Lei Wang, Wentao Wang, Guandong Yang, Dong Liu, Jin Xuan, Huizhi Wang, Michael K.H. Leung and Fude Liu*, A hybrid aluminum/hydrogen/air cell system, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 38, 14801 (2013).

7)Fude Liu*, L. Wang, G. Yang, and W. Wang, Rapid melt crystallization of amorphous-silicon thin films, Applied Physics Letters 102, 082109 (2013)

8)Fude Liu*, W. Wang, L. Wang, and G. Yang, Working principles of solar and other energy conversion cells, Nanomaterials and Energy 2, 3 (2012).

9)Fude Liu*, C.-S. Jiang, H. Guthrey, S. Johnston, M.J. Romero, B.P. Gorman, and M.M. Al-Jassim, Optical response of grain boundaries in upgraded metallurgical-grade silicon for photovoltaics, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 95, 2497 (2011).

10)Fude Liu*, K.M. Jones, Y. Xu, W. Nemeth, J. Lohr, J. Nielson, M.J. Romero, M.M. Al-Jassim, and D.L.Young, Ultra-high crystalline-quality silicon pillars formed by millimeter-wave annealing of amorphous silicon on glass, Advanced Materials 21, 3002 (2009). Featured by the journal cover; selected for Advances In Advance by the journal.

11)Fude Liu*, M.J. Romero, K.M. Jones, M.M. Al-Jassim, O. Kunz, J. Wong, and A.G. Aberle, Solid phase crystallization of evaporated silicon thin film on glass for photovoltaics: A combined SEM and TEM study, Proc. of SPIE 7409, 740906 (2009).

12)Fude Liu*, R. Collazo, S. Mita, Z. Sitar, S.J. Pennycook, and G. Duscher, Direct observation of inversion domain boundaries of GaN on c-sapphire at sub-angstrom resolution, Advanced Materials 20, 2162 (2008).

13)Fude Liu*, R. Collazo, S. Mita, Z. Sitar, and G. Duscher, Three-dimensional geometry of AlN nano-pits: A new template for quantum dots?, Advanced Materials 20, 134 (2008).

14)T. Zheleva, A. Lelis, G. Duscher, Fude Liu, I. Levin, and M. Das, Transition layers at the SiO2/SiC interface, Applied Physics Letters 93, 022108 (2008). Selected for Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology 18 (4), July 28, 2008.

15)Fude Liu*, M.J. Romero, K.M. Jones, A.G. Norman, M.M. Al-Jassim, D. Inns, and A.G. Aberle, Intragrain defects in polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells on glass by aluminum-induced crystallization and subsequent epitaxy, Thin Solid Films 516, 6409 (2008).

16)Fude Liu*, R. Collazo, S. Mita, Z. Sitar, G. Duscher, and S.J. Pennycook, The mechanism for polarity inversion of GaN via a thin AlN layer: direct experimental evidence, Applied Physics Letters 91, 203115 (2007).

17)Fude Liu* and G. Duscher, Thermal annealing effect on the interface structure of high- LaScO3 on silicon, Applied Physics Letters 91, 152906 (2007).

18)Fude Liu* and G. Duscher, Chemical composition changes across the interface of amorphous LaScO3 on Si (001), Applied Physics Letters 91, 152901 (2007).