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Shuxiang Dong

Professor Shuxiang Dong, a pioneer in piezoelectric and magnetoelectric devices research field

Institute for Advanced Study, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen  518051



Ph.D in Materials Science, Tsinghua University (1989 – 1993);

M.E. in Physics Science, Tsinghua University (1987 – 1989) ;

B.S. in Physics Science, Wuhan University (1978-1982).

Working Experience

2021-03—current, Special-Term Professor

2008-current, a tenured professor of College of Engineering in Peking University;

2002-2008, Research Scientist and Research Professor of Materials Science & Engineering in Virginia Tech University, USA;

2000-2001, Research Associate of Materials Research Institute in Pennsylvania State University, USA;

1997-1999, Research Associate of Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, National University of Singapore.

1993-1997, Lecture, Associate Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Tsinghua University.

Research Areas & Summary

Dr. Dong has been engaged in piezoelectric, ferroelectric, magnetoelectrical functional materials and devices, as well as the recent 3D printing and flexible electronics, piezoelectric actuators, and nano-step motors’ research. Recently, Dr.Dong proposed the piezoelectric metamaterial concept based on ordered structure with functional actuation elements in piezoelectric ceramic system, and for the first time, he achieved all non-zero 18 piezoelectric coefficients, breaking the traditional understanding that piezoelectric ceramic materials have had only five non-zero piezoelectric coefficients for more than 70 years. This breakthrough work was published in the journal of Science Advances, 2019. Dr. Dong also created the "magneto-elasto-electric" coupling equivalent circuit method in the field of magnetoelectric functional materials, which is one of the currently recognized theoretical method. In the research of piezoelectric micromotor, Dr. Dong invented the world's smallest piezoelectric micromotor, then, low temperature actuators, high temperature piezoelectric motor, including a series of linear piezoelectric motors with micro-nano resolution; Dr. Dong also found the voltage gain effect and current-voltage conversion effect from magnetoelectric composite materials for the first time. Recently, Dr. Dong’s group works for flexible piezoelectric harvesters by using the independently developed 3D printing equipment.

Career Objective:

Building a Piezoelectric Devices & System Lab., research contents include (i) functional materials: piezoelectric ceramic materials, ceramic-polymer composite materials, piezoelectric polymer materials, (ii) piezoelectric motors & actuators, (iii) magnetoelectric sensors, and (iv) 3D printed flexible electronics.

Research Programs

Dr. Dong has undertaken one National High-Tech 863 Project, five research projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (including one key program), two major science and technology projects of Beijing City, and also undertook two national defense programs, and a number of enterprise cooperation and joint laboratory projects, being responsible for total funding of more than 24 million RMB during past 10 years.

On-going projects: over four million RMB for number contracts (for future four years).


(1) Semiconductor Physics & Devices (in Chinese or English version),

(2) Ferroelectric Devices (in English version).


Dr. Dong has published near 200 SCI cited articles, including Science Advances, Energy and Environment Science, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Scientific Reports, Applied Physics Letters, etc. The total SCI citation number of articles is near 9000 times.

Selected publications (SCI-cited publications):

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