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The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) has been established at Shenzhen University to provide both undergraduate and postgraduate education, focusing on interdisciplinary teaching and research. As a special platform at Shenzhen University, IAS seeks to

Postgraduate Course

Wei Zhao

Ph.D., Assistant Professor



Nov. 2009 – Nov. 2013, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry, Department of Physical Chemistry II

Sep. 2006 – Jul. 2009, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry, National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory

Sep. 2001 – Jul. 2006, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China B.Sc. in Applied Physics, Department of Physics

Working Experience:

May. 2015 – Jun. 2018, University of Washington, USA, Research Associate

Apr. 2014 – Apr. 2015, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, Postdoctoral Research Fellow


2018, Shenzhen Overseas High Level Talent (Peacock Plan; Level C)

Research Interests:

1.Electrocatalysis and Photocatalysis applied in Clean Energy:

2.Model Catalysis and Surface Science

Research Projects:

01/2020—12/2023, National Natural Science Foundation of China, PI;

03/2020—02/2023, Shenzhen Science and Technology Program, PI;

01/2020—12/2022, Shenzhen Peacock Plan Start-up, PI;

Book Chapters:

(2)Wei Zhao, Lei Dong, Ran Zhang and Nian Lin, " On-surface Coupling Reactions with Extrinsic Catalysts ", Chapter in: de Oteyza D., Rogero C. (eds) On-Surface Synthesis II. Advances in Atom and Single Molecule Machines. Springer, Cham, 2018, p195-207.

(1)Wei Zhao, Christian Papp, and Hans-Peter Steinrück, "Heterographenes", Chapter in: “Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomaterials”; Kobayashi, S., Müllen, K., Eds.; Springer Berlin Heidelberg: Berlin, Heidelberg, 2015, p 924.

Journal Publications:

(38) Muqing Hua, Bowen Xia, Miao Wang, En Li, Jing Liu, Tianhao Wu, Yifan Wang, Ruoning Li, Honghe Ding, Jun Hu, Yongfeng Wang, Junfa Zhu, Hu Xu, Wei Zhao*, Nian Lin*, Highly Degenerate Ground States in a Frustrated Antiferromagnetic Kagome Lattice in a Two-Dimensional Metal–Organic Framework, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2021, 12, 3733−3739.

(37) Anuj Kumar, Ghulam Yasin*, Vinod Kumar Vashistha, Deepak K. Das, Majeed Ur Rehman, Rashid Iqbal, Zhousheng Mo, Tuan Anh Nguyen, Y. Slimani, M. Tariq Nazir, Wei Zhao*, Enhancing oxygen reduction reaction performance via CNTs/graphene supported iron protoporphyrin IX: A hybrid nanoarchitecture electrocatalyst, Diamond and Related Materials, 2021, 113, 108272.

(36) Muhammad Nadeem, GhulamYasin*, MuhammadArif, HassinaTabassum, Moazzam H.Bhatti*, MazharMehmood, UzmaYunus, RashidIqbal, Tuan AnhNguyen, YassineSlimani, HuaiheSong*, Wei Zhao*, Highly active sites of Pt/Er dispersed N-doped hierarchical porous carbon for trifunctional electrocatalyst, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2021, 409, 128205.

(35) Mohan Kumar, Yongsheng Fu, Miao Wang, B.E. Kumara Swamy, Gururaj Kudur Jayaprakash, Wei Zhao*, Influence of cationic surfactant cetyltrimethylammonium bromide for electrochemical detection of guanine, uric acid and dopamine, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2021,321,114893.

(34) Ying Liu, Yue Jiang, Zhe Hu, Jian Peng, Weihong Lai, Dianlun Wu, Shouwei Zuo, Jing Zhang, Bin Chen, Ziwen Dai, Yingguo Yang, Yang Huang*, Wei Zhang, Wei Zhao, Wang Zhang*, Lei Wang, and Shulei Chou*, In-Situ Electrochemically Activated Surface Vanadium Valence in V2C MXene to Achieve High Capacity and Superior Rate Performance for Zn-Ion Batteries, Advanced Functional Materials 2020, 2008033.

(33) Miao Wang, Guo-Ming Weng, Ghulam Yasin, Mohan Kumar, Wei Zhao*,  A high-performance tin phosphide/carbon composite anode for lithium-ion batteries, Dalton Transactions, 2020, 49, 17026-17032.

(32) Zhongtian Mao, Wei Zhao, Ziareena A. Al-Mualem, and Charles T. Campbell*,  Energetics and Structure of Nickel Atoms and Nanoparticles on MgO(100), Journal of Physical Chemistry C, (2020), 124, 14685.

(31) Mohan Kumar, Miao Wang, B.E Kumara Swamy, M. Praveen, Wei Zhao*,  Poly (alanine)/NaOH/ MoS2/MWCNTs modified carbon paste electrode for simultaneous detection of dopamine, ascorbic acid, serotonin and guanine, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, (2020), 196, 111299.

(30)Mohan Kumar, B.E Kumara Swamy, Sathish Reddy, J.K Shashi Kumara, Wei Zhao*,  Electrochemical Determination of Hematoxylin by Pretreated ZnO Nanoflakes Modified Carbon Paste Electrode in the Absence and Presence of Eosin Y, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, (2020), 167, 087511.

(29)Kun Zhou, Huifang Liang, Miao Wang, Shuaipeng Xing, Honghe Ding, Yang Song, Yuxu Wang, Qian Xu, Jing-Hui He, Junfa Zhu, Wei Zhao*, Yu-qiang Ma*, and Ziliang Shi*,  Fine-Tuning of Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Nanostructures via Alkali-Pyridyl Coordination, Nanoscale Advances, (2020), 2, 2170-2176.

(28)M. Kumar, B.E. Kumara Swamy, S. Reddy, W. Zhao, S. Chetana, V. Gowrav Kumar, ZnO/functionalized MWCNT and Ag/functionalized MWCNT modified carbon paste electrodes for the determination of dopamine, paracetamol and folic acid, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 835 (2019), 96-105.

(27)Shuaipeng Xing,  Zhe Zhang, Xiyu Fei, Wei Zhao, Ran Zhang, Tao Lin, Danli Zhao, Huanxin Ju, Hu Xu, Jian Fan, Junfa Zhu, Yu-qiang Ma and Ziliang Shi, Selective On-Surface Covalent Coupling Based on Metal-Organic Coordination Template, Nature Communication, 10 (2019) , 70.

(26)Spencer J. Carey, Wei Zhao and Charles T. Campbell, Bond Energies of Adsorbed Intermediates on Metal Surfaces Correlate with H-Ligand and H-Surface Bond Energies and Electronegativities, Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (2018), 16877.

(25)Spencer J. Carey+,  Wei Zhao+, Elizabeth Harman, Ann-Katrin Baumann, Zhongtian Mao, Wei Zhang and Charles T. Campbell, Energetics of Adsorbed Methanol and Methoxy on Ni(111): Comparisons to Pt(111), ACS Catalysis 8 (2018), 10089-10095. (+shared first author)

(24)Spencer J. Carey, Wei Zhao, Charles T. Campbell, Energetics of Adsorbed Benzene on Ni(111) and Pt(111) by Calorimetry, Surface Science 676 (2018), 9-16. (Selected as Cover Page by Editor)

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Conferences and Presentations:

(10)Served as the Moderator in the Session: “Recent Advances in the Chemistry and Physics of Interfaces” on Nov. 3, 2017, in AVS 64th International Symposium & Exhibition, Tampa, FL, USA., October-Novemeber, 2017.

(9)Calorimetric Energies of Small Adsorbates on Ni(111) and NiO(111) Surfaces, with Comparison to Pt(111) to Explain Differences in Catalytic Activity between Ni vs Pt, W. Zhao, Talk in AVS 64th International Symposium & Exhibition, Tampa, FL, USA., October-November, 2017.

(8)Energetics of Adsorbed Formate and Formic Acid on Ni(111) by Calorimetry, W. Zhao, Talk in ACS 254thNational Meetings, Washington D.C., USA., August2017.

(7)Energetics of Water Dissociative Adsorption on NiO(111)-2x2, W. Zhao, Talk in AVS 63rd International Symposium & Exhibition, Nashville, TN, USA., November 2016.

(6)Energetics of Adsorbed CH3 on Ni(111) by Calorimetry, W. Zhao, Talk in ACS 251stNational Meetings, San Diego, CA, USA, March 2016.

(5)Production of nitrogen-doped graphene, W. Zhao, Talk in Annual meeting of Hong Kong Physical Society, Hong Kong, May 2014.

(4)Hydrogenation of Graphene and Boron-doped Graphene,  W. Zhao, K. Gotterbarm, O. Höfert, C. Gleichweit, C. Papp, and H.-P. Steinrück,  DPG, Regensburg, March 2013. (Annual meeting of German Physical Society).

(3)Production Nitrogen Doped Graphene via Low Energy Nitrogen Bombardment,W. Zhao, O. Höfert, K. Gotterbarm, J.F. Zhu, C. Papp, and H.-P. Steinrück,  DPG, Berlin, March 2012. (Annual meeting of German Physical Society).

(2)Production Nitrogen Doped Graphene on Ni(111) Surface,W. Zhao, O. Höfert, K. Gotterbarm J.F. Zhu, C. Papp, and H.-P. Steinrück,  DPG, Dresden, March 2011. (Annual meeting of German Physical Society).

(1)Growth and Chemical Modification of Graphene on Ni(111),W. Zhao, O. Höfert, C. Papp, and H.-P. Steinrueck,  DPG, Regensburg, March 2010. (Annual meeting of German Physical Society).