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The Advisory Committee is designed to provide suggestions for IAS on strategic development, scientific research, training programs, academic standards, recruitment and evaluation of professors, and cooperation with industry in teaching and scientific research. The valuable opinions of the committee contribute to the development of IAS in teaching and scientific research, as well as strengthening links with industries.

The Advisory Committee is generally composed of distinguished people from the local, domestic and overseas academia and industry. Well-known scholars in related fields are nominated by the dean and the dean advisor, and are appointed by the president. The Advisory Committee assists the Institute in recruiting Principal Investigators (PIs), providing evaluation on the research capabilities and development potential of applicants; guides the establishment of the research direction of the Institute, the application of research projects, and the construction and development of disciplines; and participates the assessment of the tenure-track system for PIs.

The members of the Advisory Committee are as follows:

Raymond CHAN, Professor, Director of the Department of Mathematics in Chinese University of Hong Kong

Zhibing CHEN, Professor, Dean of the College of Mathematics and Science in Shenzhen University

Ben CHU, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Research Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Stony Brook University

Ping FAN, Professor, Dean of the College of Physical Science and Technology in Shenzhen University

Charles C. HAN, Professor, Advisor to the Dean of the Institute for Advanced Study in Shenzhen University

Chuan HE, Professor, CEGS Center for Dynamic RNA Epitranscriptomes, John T. Wilson Distinguished Service Professor in University of Chicago

The above committee members are ranked in alphabetical order, in noparticular order.

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