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On the leading construction, the dean responsible system is adapted based on the guidance of the leading of IAS, and the dean of IAS is directly responsible to the president of Shenzhen University. The leading group of the Institute is composed of the president of Shenzhen University, the dean of IAS, the advisor of IAS, the vice president of the undergraduate education, the vice president of the graduate and the scientific research, the director of the Educational Administration Department, the dean of the Graduate School, the director of the Office of Academic Planning and Development.

IAS sets up four committees, including the Academic Committee, the Advisory Committee, the Administrative Committee and the Educational Committee. The Institute is in charge of professors and subject leaders are responsible to the dean.

The Academic Committee aims to provide suggestions for the strategic development, research directions, training plans, academic standards, and cooperation with the industry in teaching and research. The valuable opinions of the committee contribute to the development of IAS in teaching and scientific research, as well as strengthening links with domestic industries and universities, research institutes both at home and abroad.

The Advisory Committee assists the Institute in recruiting full-time faculty (TTF), providing evaluation on the research capabilities and development potential of applicants; guides the establishment of the research direction of the Institute, the application of research projects, and the construction and development of disciplines; participates the assessment of the tenure system for TTF, and also proposes directional suggestions for the development of IAS in teaching and scientific research.

The Administrative Committee is the highest academic and administrative organization at IAS, and is responsible for formulating management systems such as teaching, scientific research, personnel and finance. The Committee is composed of the dean and the consultant of IAS, subject leaders and the representatives of full-time faculty, and some of its powers and responsibilities can be delegated to its professional committees. In order to guarantee the normal work of the financial, personnel, education, and research work of IAS, a committee composed of representatives of faculty and staff should be set up under the Committee and exercise the functions and powers assigned by the Committee.

The Educational Committee is the highest academic organization at IAS and focuses on formulating and reviewing educational policies, and the chairman should be held by the dean or executive director of IAS. The powers and responsibilities of the committee will be clearly specified in the regulations of the Institute, and some of them can be delegated to its professional committees.

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