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The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) has been established at Shenzhen University to provide both undergraduate and postgraduate education, focusing on interdisciplinary teaching and research. As a special platform at Shenzhen University, IAS seeks to

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Selection Method for the 2014 ICSE Honors Bachelor Degree of IAS, Shenzhen University (Trial)

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In order to collect high-quality teaching resources to cultivate top-notch innovative talents, encourage students to study diligently, cultivate innovative consciousness and ability, create a good academic atmosphere, and also regular the selection work, the selection method shall be formulated based on Notice on the Trial Implementation of the Bachelor's Degree System for Undergraduate Students of Shenzhen University and the actual situation of IAS.

1.Selection object
The 2014 undergraduate students from the Innovational Class in Science and Engineering (ICSE) of IAS, Shenzhen University.

2. Basic Selection Requirements
1) Good behavior, physical and mental health, not being punished during school.
2) Applicants should meet both the graduation requirements and the qualifications for the bachelor's degree.
3) The grade point average (GPA) of applicants who apply for the course should not less than 3.80.
4) Applicants participate in research projects and obtain research results (including: the published academic papers, the provincial level and above for academic competition awards, the application for national patents, etc.), and the undergraduate thesis design.

3. Number
The number of Honors Bachelor Degree will be five.

4. Selection Procedures
1) Student Application: Within one week after the graduation thesis defense, all eligible applicants who are willing to apply for the “Honors Bachelor's Degree Application Form” should be signed by the student and submit the form with supporting materials to the Institute before the deadline.
2) Institute Review: The Honorary Bachelor's Degree Selection Committee will review the application materials of applicants and submit the materials to the Academic Affairs Office for recheck.
3) The total score of the selection is composed of academic record, academic achievement and undergraduate graduation thesis design. Among them, the academic record is the grade point average of the undergraduate course, accounting for 70%; the academic achievements account for 20% (see Appendix II) and the graduation thesis accounts for 10%. Rank by the overall score, applicants in the top will be recommended.
4) University Recheck: Relevant applicant materials would be submitted to the University Degree Selection Committee by the Academic Affairs Office, and the University Degree Selection Committee will review and approve whether to grant an honors degree. Applicants who have been approved to grant an honors degree will issue an honors degree certificate.

1)The applicant will be cancelled his/her selection qualification if he/she doesn’t meet the requirements. Any falsification found in the selection (such as tampering report cards, forging award certificates, failure to fill in the award level, etc.), will make applicants published by Shenzhen University.
2) Any matter unmentioned shall be responsible by the Academic Degrees Subcommittee of the Institute for Advanced Study.
3) The method shall take effect from the date of promulgation.

The Institute for Advanced Study
May 2018